What is 3PL logistics?

At B2C we recognise the responsibility we take when you decide to entrust this vital storage, fulfilment and delivery capability to us. It can be a scary thought not controlling this vital customer delivery function in-house. Since 1989 Urgent Couriers has taken the final mile responsibility for the most time critical deliveries for thousands of businesses. What our customers continually say about us is testimony to the level of customer service that we have maintained throughout our existence. In all functions of the 3PL ecosystem we bring that same rigour that ensures you and your customers will receive an at least comparable experience to you having your own warehouse with all of the cost savings brought about by the flexibility of 3PL.

We Receive

We see receiving your goods as a critical part of the 3PL process. Our preference is to organise the delivery from the wharf or airport of your product so our team can receipt the goods in orderly fashion ensuring the goods are put away with care and accuracy.

We Store


By utilizing our extensive warehousing experience and great warehouse management software (WMS) it’s never been so easy to store and control your stock. B2C Logistics flexible approach allows you to enjoy scalable storage costs and variable capacity based on the seasonality or organic growth of your business. Whatever your warehouse storage requirement, the friendly and professional team at B2C Logistics will assist you.

Customer Orders

We process your customers’ orders:

We have a cloud-based order fulfillment services processing system that we can access 24/7 anywhere, anytime.
Real-time order tracking is what we’re all about. We know where the product is at every step of the process right up to the minute it gets to your customers’ homes. We immediately send you and your customers an email tracking number too, so everyone knows the status of the product shipment.
We can also manage multiple carriers, rates and transportation services for you.
We do pick and pack services and shipping for B2B, B2C and E-commerce fulfillment:
Whatever you need to ship, we’ll ship it for you. This includes drop-shipping to retailers and consumers, bulk distribution and marketing collateral distribution.
We assemble your promotional materials and send them out via sustainable shipping practices:
Insert brochures, flyers, stickers, marketing materials, inserts etc. into any package—with our eco-friendly tape and newly recycled boxes in our green facility.

We Pick & Pack

Order Fulfillment

Our Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) allow us a great degree of flexibility in our operations to accommodate our clients’ various requirements. The system, enabled by radio frequency (RF) data collection and distribution, provides state-of-the-art picking and inventory tracking with unparalleled accuracy.

Other features of the system include:

  • Real-time inventory visibility
  • System-directed picking and receiving
  • First-in, first-out/Last-in, first-out/Lot code rotation
  • Multiple picking methodologies supported
  • Custom bar-code label generation

We Deliver

Do you want to get and edge of your competitors? Fast delivery is the answer. Make Urgent Tonight available on your site and attract a whole new set of shoppers who don’t want to wait for 3 days to get things delivered.

Solve these issues:

  • Deliveries too slow to satisfy “see it like it buy it” demand
  • Goods going missing in transit
  • Customers not being home to sign for goods
  • Goods left without signatures
  • Time wasted chasing up unfulfilled deliveries
  • Or worse still, a card being left and your customer having to go and collect the goods

The Solution Urgent Tonight from Urgent Couriers, provides you with a simple technology smart solution that will give you an edge.

  • One pick-up per day between 4-5pm
  • Same-evening delivery between 6-9pm to homes in the Auckland Metro area Monday to Friday
  • Flat delivery fee for a large Auckland metro area – (Pick up fee applicable for low daily volumes)
  • Price covers up to 25kg per item
  • Automated electronic booking
  • Commissioned independent research and found that your customers want this service
  • Urgent Couriers commissioned independent research of 600 consumers by Buzz Channel
  • High interest in Urgent Tonight
  • Buzz described the service to consumers and asked them to rate it on a 1-10 scale (1 I hate it to 10 I love it)
  • 80.3% rated the service between 7&10
  • 33.5% giving it 10 (I love it)

The Area Covered:

  • Urgent Tonight is available in the Auckland metropolitan area, click the Delivery Areas to view the coverage area.
  • As an Urgent Tonight customer you can customise the look of the map to match your website
  • You can then link the map to your website so your customers can check that they are in the Urgent Tonight area