About Us

B2C Logistics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Urgent Couriers Limited (UCL). Urgent Couriers is the recognised leader in the fast delivery market. Urgent has been in business since 1989 providing point-to-point deliveries to NZ customers.

In 2008 Urgent Couriers launched Urgent Tonight to provide specialized fast home delivery services for e-businesses who want to deliver to their customers in the evening when they are home.

Urgent Couriers is a privately held family run business, headed by the owner Steve Bonnici. Steve has always abided by the philosophy that all employees and contractors need to make a decent living, and accordingly it has very low employee and contractor turnover. UCL carries the same business practices through to its team in B2C Logistics.

UCL has historically specialised in fast B2B delivery providing services from 15 minute cycle courier deliveries to 3 hour van deliveries. UCL launched Urgent Tonight, New Zealand's first dedicated home delivery service in 2008, www.urgenttonight.co.nz, providing home deliveries in an evening window between 6&9pm. The traditional courier services were not and are not servicing this growing market segment very well. Due to their commitment to next business day B2B deliveries, their drivers are required to be in the depots in the evenings.

B2C Logistics is targeting e-retailers that are selling directly to consumers and require flexible pick and pack capability and faster delivery options. B2C has access to the full range of delivery services through UCL so can provide the full range of delivery services from 90, minutes, same day, right through to 2 business day options to clients. It is our belief that choice should be in the hands of the consumers.

Technology as an Enabler

At Urgent Couriers we've always viewed technology as an enabler to allow our people to deliver consistently excellent service. We have always been a technology leader and have our own in-house development team. Hence B2C customers have access to best in class technology solutions.

B2C uses www.3plcentral.com for its backend core warehousing system. 3PL Central is the system of choice of DHL in 50 of its 3PL fulfilment centres across the USA. UCL’s own team provides the technology & capability for interfacing with your order system be it a sophistocated and complex ERP, e-commerce website or your in-house database. At the delivery our IT team also provides the technology that talks to the various best in class delivery companies.

B2C Logistics' Technology Expertise provides you with:

B2C Logistics is Green:

We love the outdoors and spend every chance we get on the snow, on our bikes or on a river. That’s why we want to do our part to keep the world green.
We’ve found that our clients are able to “green” their businesses by an additional 25% to 50% just by using B2C Logistics for their warehouse operations. And we practice what we preach.
We use the best green business practices while trying to be a 100% eco-friendly fulfillment and sustainable company with a minimal impact on the environment: